Spring 2022 News

Date Posted: 3/20/2021

Our Spring 2022 Season is upon us. The following is some useful info as we begin to get ready to kick off our season.

You should all hear from your coaches by tonight (if you have not yet already). You can also long in to the system and see your coaches info.


Jerseys will be distributed to coaches before the 1st game.

Please note that Shirt size listed on printed rosters at time of order is what will be received (unless there is a vendor error) except for the case of YXL & AXS as the vendor does not carry these sizes & both are rounded up to AS. Sizes listed as N/A were ordered as the majority of the team & will receive their jersey after teammates who receive their selected sizes receive theirs. If wrong size was ordered due to registration error a replacement jersey can be ordered for $20. Vendor color selection is limited due to supply issues & they are having to send us what they have. We do not know jersey colors at this time. 

*Please remove all trash from the fields.

*Please do not move any benches or goals.

* Please remind & enforce that your players and children STAY off the GOALS & nets. No Hanging or Climbing. 

*Our practice Schedule is attached and will be posted to the website. 

*The Game Schedule will be posted within the next week. 

*Our field Layout is also on the website. 

*If the Fields are Closed for Weather / Rain it will be posted on the field status of the website and on FB. 

* Soccer Pictures Will Be May 14th