Q. What will my child need?
Players will need to bring a soccer ball, shin guards, and cleats to every practice.

Q. What kind of cleats do we need?
A: When purchasing cleats, make sure they are for soccer, not baseball. Baseball cleats have a "toe-cleat". It is acceptable to cut the toe-cleat off if you purchase baseball cleats, but this needs to be done before the first practice.

Q. What size ball will my child need?
A: Players in division U-8 and below will use a size 3 ball. U-10 players use a size 4 ball, and players  U-12 and above will play with a size 5 ball.

Q. When will I hear from my child's coach?
A: Coaches will receive their rosters and select their practice times at the coaches meeting (see the home page for dates). Practice will begin the week immediately following the meeting, and your coach will let you know the day and time. Unfortunately, we are not able to anticipate what those dates and times will be, so we are unable to promise any practice nights.

Q. When and where are games played?
A: Games are on Saturday at the Buckner Park Soccer Fields.

Q. Will my child have to travel?
A: Older players may travel some and your coaches will let you know.

Q. Will we play if it is raining?
A: Decisions about field closings will be posted on the website.

Q. If our game is canceled due to rain, will we make it up?
A: Rainout games will vary.

Q. What is the appropriate attire?
A: Players must wear the provided uniforms. During colder weather, players may layer clothes. In order for referees to record numbers, uniform shirts must be the outer-most layer of clothing (put over jackets, turtlenecks, etc.). Black pants are preferred under shorts. No jewelry allowed.

Q. Where are spectators allowed?
A: Spectators are allowed on the sideline opposite the player benches. Please do not move benches during practice or game times. No spectators are allowed behind goal lines!

Q. When should we arrive for game day?
A: Please arrive 15 minutes before game time. Referees will check uniforms, shin guards, and cleats approximately 10 minutes before games begin. Games will start no later than 5 minutes past scheduled game times.

Q. Do we keep our uniforms?
A: Yes, all players will keep their uniforms. If you play in the fall and plan to play again in the spring, make sure to keep your uniform as these will be worn again in the spring season.

Q. Can travel players play on rec teams?
A: Yes, travel players are permitted to dual register as club and rec players.