Spring 2020 Registration is OPEN

Date Posted: 1/9/2020

Please Note the following:


-The absolute last day for late registration is FEB 29th. THRERE WILL BE NO REGISTRATION AFTER THIS DATE.

-We Can Not guarantee COACHES or PRACTICE NIGHTS/TIMES. You may list coaches or friends requests during registration, but this is NOT a GUARANTEE. 

-Practice will start the 3rd or 4th weekend in March. Games will either begin the last Sat in March or the 1st Sat in April. Games will be played for 8 weeks.

-Once Registered online, no forms need to be sent it. Everything is signed electronically except the Parks and Rec forms whick will be collected by the coach.

- There is no jewelery allowed during practice or games- DO NOT GET YOUR CHILDS EARS PIERCED BEFORE THE SEASON. They will not be allowed to play. 

-If your child has a cast, but is cleared to play soccer, it MUST BE WRAPPED in bubble wrap or they will not be allowed to play. 

-Players are NOT TO BE LEFT at the fields for PRACTICES or GAMES without adult supervision. The only exception is at the discretion of the COACH for the U14 and above age group.



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