Fall 2020 Season Update

Date Posted: 7/21/2020

DCSA is committed to the families of Dickson & Surrounding Counties & we want to be as transparent as possible. At this time, the odds are stacked against us. Unless we have some sudden,  big changes in our guidelines, a Fall 2020 Season will not happen. As a board DCSA wants to be back on the fields AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We personally have children that have been active in the leage for 10+ years & are hartbroken as well with the loss we have experienced this year. 
I know several have brought up other activities. The difference between us (DCSA Rec league), and other sports/activities are numbers, space & governing bodies. No other sport/activity has 1500 people on the SAME field on any given Saturday with no means for properly social distancing (or the manpower to enforce it). 
Planing & logistics are a huge part of making Soccer successful, and as a board we have met & discussed several times ANY & ALL possible ways we could make a season happen. 
Having multiple governing bodies - above ourselves (State, City, & TN State Soccer) with ever evolving guidelines makes our decision 10x harder. Things get proposed & changed each week, and as an affiliated leage, we HAVE to abide by all guidelines In order to maintain both our Liability and Player Insurance.
Some proposed guidelines (which are ever evolving) include, but are not limited to:
-The purchase of extra signage, safety devices & cleaning products as it pertains to COVID 19. 
-Maintain & enforce social distancing & limiting of spectators (which would require extra manpower bc some people just don’t like rules).
-Seperate entrances & exits.
-Someone logging every single person that enters the fields (while maintaining privacy) with detailed info. 
- The ability to shut down as soon as we are notified of a positive case of COVID 19 (board member, ref, coach, player or parent) & be able to properly notify everyone (including the local state & health dept). This would also mean an immediate end to our soccer season with NO REFUNDS. 
-Making people remain in their vehicle until their field has been cleared & everyone from the previous game has left/ benches have been cleaned. 
-Mask recommendations. 
-No concession Stand (Which is a source for revenue that helps us keep registration low, and keeps us from having to have fund raisers). 
-All players responsible for their own labeled drinks, snacks & equipment (with no sharing), and our ability to enforce said rules. 
-Also, around 30% of our coaches (who responded to our email survey) said they didn’t feel comfortable coaching & would not be open to a later season with added safety measures placed on them to abide by & enforce. 
Please bear with us. We want to be back on that field just as badly as you all- we just have a lot of red tape to work around. We will update everyone as more info becomes available. 
*Lastly, we will be posting a pick up date for Spring Jerseys soon. As of now it’s looking like it will be the end of Aug/1st of Sept when our current guideline is lifted.