Date Posted: 4/15/2020

It is with great sadness that we announce the cancellation of our Spring 2020 Season. Many factors were taken into consideration when making this decision including player / parent safety, school closures, TN State Soccer Suspension Dates, City & County closures, as well as coaches & parents concerns about playing & dates.
Hopefully, starting next Wednesday, we will begin issuing partial refunds for those who registered & paid online & via Paypal. Those who registered in person will be refunded in person once the parks are open back up. Please bear with us as we start this process as its a bit time consuming & requires some logistics in working with our bank & online vendors.
All players will receive a $45 refund ( a jersey once the park is open back up, but we have no timeline on this as of yet). Please know, that as a non profit, all of our operational expenses come from registration & our concession stand. Our concession stand allows us to bring in extra money so that we are able to help cover costs without having to pass them on to our players, while still keeping our fees low. 
For a further breakdown, once our online registration is open, we are charged processing fees that automatically come off of the top of the registration. While our board and coaches are volunteers, we do still have expenses that we have to cover before our season starts. These expenses are non refundable for us and include but are not limited to: website costs, liability insurance, player insurance, coaches background checks, affiliation fees for TN State Soccer & US Youth soccer, field paint, maintaining our fields, and soccer nets. 
We discussed rolling over fees for those who wanted to play in the Fall, however, this would actually cost the league more financially as well as cause more logistical issues for us during registration so we felt starting from scratch in the Fall would be our best option.  
Again, we will send out an email with staggered dates for Jersey pickup as well as live registration refunds as soon as they become available. If you need further info, feel free to email us at We will also update everyone on our Fall Season as soon as we are able to get dates!