Fall 2019 signups are now OPEN!

Date Posted: 6/7/2019

General Info:

*Please make sure to select the correct Jersey Size for your player. If you leave it blank, or do not update & the correct size is not ordered, you will be required to pay for the replacement jersey + shipping (which has run about $25 in the past).

*As a reminder, Fall is the Start of a NEW SOCCER YEAR so teams will be redistributed, and some players will move up in age group due to DOB. (Age is determied by player age on Dec 31st 2019. For example: A child that is 4 will no longer be eligible for the U4 (under 4) age group and will move up to U6). You may request a coach, BUT THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE. We also can not guarantee Friend Requests.

*Field Status (OPEN/CLOSED) will be updated in the event of inclimate weather. Most practices are "Coaches Discretion" unless fields are too wet to be plaed on at which time we will post via FB.*

*NO JEWELRY of any kind is to be worn during games. This includes earrings. PLEASE DO NOT GET YOUR PLAYERS EARS PIERCED RIGHT BEFORE OR DURING THE SEASON. They will not be allowed to play.*

*If your child has a broken bone that requires a cast, but is medically cleared to play, the cast MUST BE WRAPPED in BUBBLE WRAP or the child will not be able to play*



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